About Us
KD sports designs, manufactures and markets snowborad & skateboards equipment and related apparel since 1991. We are the most recognized and stongest brand in sports equipment industry in korea.

With more than 20years of experience. Buzrun has built a solid requtation as a reliable partner that continues to innovate. Our products are available in over 30 countries through a network of global distributors The Company has strong associations with many of the winter sports organization in korea.

Also we hold the number one market share in both snowboards & skateboard equipment industries We have used to grow our business into new performance equipment and apparel categories and sports markets
June Change the KD Sports
February Headquarters and logistics center integration
October International skateboard contest main sponsor
April Spoexpo exhibition
April Kick Scooters / Inline Skating progress
August Specify superior athletic equipment manufacturers
March Skateboard progress
March Established R & D Center
1January Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism selected R & D projectsMinistry of Culture, Sports and Tourism selected R & D projects
February Germany ISPO WINTER participation
Watercolor Inc. 750 million contract signed in Germany / Five countries hold the world's agent (Germany, USA, Canada, Japan, China)
Python Binding overseas markets
The overseas expansion is to increase the value of the Python Binding targets and realization of global beojeureon beojeureon global brand
A new concept of snowboard bindings Python Binding successfully launched
USP Japan and Japan signed Inc. MINAMI 80 million contract
Watercolor Inc. 500 million contract signed in Germany
Selected as export-oriented enterprises
"Globalization Support in 2009 sporting goods business," selected by participating companies
Business Administration and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Development Support Program participants selected
Python Binding development
buzrun snowboarding competitions in progress)
January Orlando THE SUPER SHOW 2005 Exhibition
February S Japan SBJ exhibition
January Germany ISPO WINTER Exhibition
February S Japan SBJ exhibition
March SPOEX 2004 exhibition
April 2004 SUCCES DESIGN(SD) Awards
May RATECH BELT binding global patent
August Boots 3D E / F SYSTEM patent
October Pioneer North American market participation
1January US subsidiary established(BUZRUN USA,LA)
January Germany ISPO WINTER Exhibition
SPOEX 2004
Incheon Metropolitan City SME Excellence
Korea Development Bank as a promising SME
3 Million Export Tower Award
January Germany ISPO WINTER Exhibition
January Snowboarding binder complex patent
January Snowboard binders angle control patent
February Germany ISPO WINTER Exhibition
April Headquartered stretch before
May Specify Incheon Small and Medium Business Administration as a promising export SME
1February Founded agent contract, and offices in Europe
May Relocation
June Venture Company Registration
March American SIA Exhibition
May Snowboard binders patent
March merican SIA 98 exhibition
August Ltd. Company name changed to Elim Corporation
1997. September Snowboard bindings Exports
1996. October Action Corporation, Incorporated
1995. May Action Corporation established
1995. September NITRO Korea AGENT Agreement
1994. October Snowboard boots export
1991. March K.T.C establish
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